Lynn Kirabo, Ph.D.

I am the Maria M. Klawe Assistant Professor of Climate and Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College. It is a joint appointment held between the Hixon Center for Climate and the Environment and Computer Science.

I enjoy teaching students courses at the intersection of HCI, Accessibility, and Intro CS. The classes I have taught include but are not limited to: Transformational Game Design Studio; User Centered Research and Evaluation; and Programmable User Interfaces. My research investigates the future of equity in smart public transit systems by centering the lived experiences of persons with disabilities in urban cities. I design frameworks that policymakers can leverage to nudge their transportation ecosystems forward.

I completed my doctoral degree in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University where I was advised by Dr. Aaron Steinfeld. I hold two master of science degrees (information technology from Carnegie Mellon University Africa; human-computer interaction from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University). I have ten years of experience working as a Front-End Developer and Software Engineer in non-profits and clean energy.

I am also part of initiatives that seek to broaden participation in STEM fields in Uganda, Rwanda, and the United States. I have done this by being part of organizations such as Women In Technology Uganda (Kampala), InnovateHer Africa (Kampala), OurCS (Pittsburgh), Women in CS (Pittsburgh); and by invitation to events like MissGeek (Kigali), STEMforHER (D.C.) and Women in Data Science (California). I have also co-created and been a part of spaces that foster belonging like AfroGSA, BIPOC in HCI, and Young Researchers in ICTD.

I am also a Siebel Scholar (2023), a LEAP Alliance Fellow (2018) and a Grace Hopper Scholar (2018).

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